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Chris is an awarded Expert Instructor / Author specializing in Wireless, Security, and Collaboration technologies. Chris began his career with GE Capital at the age of 17, and continued working in the field as an SME for over 13 years before becoming an authorized Cisco Instructor. Over the last 6 years Chris has helped thousands of students learn advanced technology concepts, and has authored / co-authored several courses on both official and original subject matter around Wireless, Security, and Collaboration technologies namely from Cisco Systems. Chris is currently a contract instructor/ author with some of the best learning partners in the world.

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Today while working with a friend of mine we identified what we believed is a vulnerability with Microsoft Exchange.  Here’s the scenario, let me know what you think below:) This morning I was expecting a meeting invite to join a session, and after our scheduled meeting time had come and gone I grabbed the last […]

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A little secret professional instructors and trainers know, is there is no better way to refine and master your skills than by sharing your knowledge with others. Knowing how to do something really well is one thing, knowing how to teach others to do things really well is another altogether. Am I saying everyone should […]