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Send on behalf of?

Today while working with a friend of mine we identified what we believed is a vulnerability with Microsoft Exchange.  Here’s the scenario, let me know what you think below:) This morning I was expecting a meeting invite to join a session, and after our scheduled meeting time had come and gone I grabbed the last […]

Learn to subnet in 20 Minutes

This was a promo video I did for an upcoming digital course I am working on called Rockstar Network Foundations. The course will be released at WiFi Training / Rockstar Training and covers network fundamentals. For fun, I wanted to see if I could teach people VLSM or IPv4 subnetting in just 20 minutes. The […]

Captive Portal Bypass / Hacking

A quick 3-minute video illustrating why it’s important to secure captive portals. In this example, it’s bypassing simple terms of use or user acceptance policy, but the same hack works on more than a few popular captive portals out there. If we go to the effort to create a security policy, ensure your properly enforcing […]